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Five Van bands to watch in 2012 – Vancouver Sun

If there is one Vancouver metal band that has steadily been building a buzz over the past year, it’s Ancients. The epic/thrash-infused metal quartet — guitarist/vocalist Kenny Cook (who also lends a hand with retro-stoners Black Wizard), guitarist/vocalist Chris Dyck, bassist Aaron “Boon” Gustafson and drummer Mike Hannay — has been spotted mid-bill at many […]

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Here’s more stuff to read about the band… But really you should just get off your ass and come to a show. Read the reviews HERE

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This was my first time seeing Ancients and I was immediately impressed, these guys are top-notch and it showed from their first note. Occasionally veering into serious Mastodon waters, at other times in their set I caught a whiff of Torche in what they do, especially vocally (check out ‘Built To Die’). I even got […]

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It’s hard to overstate just how good Ancients are. Their storming “Built To Die” showed that it is possible to seamlessly combine melody with brutality by making it an integral part of the song’s arrangement, rather than just tacking on a cheesy chorus as an afterthought as so many bands do. Each one of their […]

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I’m still trying to figure out what to make of Ancients. They had so much going on at all times. Following Galgamex, they sounded pretty rock ‘n’ roll, but when I really focused on what they were doing it seemed just as crazy. How do you peg such a band? On one hand they had […]

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